sure-alright-okay asked:
Are a lot of these pictures taken by you?

No, most of them are pictures I found on websites of companies and just online. All photo credits go to orginal photographers. 

passionatedancing asked:
Your theme is beautiful and so are you! I think I saw one of your pictures somewhere, I swear

Thank you so so much! I’m flattered haha :) And that’s awesome, may I ask where?! 

I love your blog as well, one of my new favorites!

Anonymous asked:
Hey:) im 14 and I love the idea of being a ballerina and dancing pointe. Is it too late to start?

It is never too late to start! Go for it!


I am looking for summer intensive auditions to attend.. please message me any that you have looked into in the past or attended, especially smaller ones! Thanks!

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